About Michelle

It’s hard to say who I am.  It matters on the audience, doesn’t it?

I am a mother, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, wife, and the voice of wisdom on the other end of the coconut phone.

I like to think I am funny, and that others just don’t get my jokes.  I’d like to be taken seriously, but no one ever does (even me!).

I have a lot of ideas–whether they are good or not will be for history, my college, and my kids to figure out–but I think they are pretty good.

Mostly I just love life.  I love my kids, my husband, my mother and sisters and brothers and all their kids.  I love my mother in-law.  My step-kids are my kids. I try to be a good Jew, a good mother, a good professor, a good friend.

Mostly, I just try really really hard.  I like to be liked.  I love to be loved.  I dislike being disliked.




One thought on “About Michelle

  1. I discovered you via your Chronicle of Higher Education (On Hiring) comment today (8/22/14). You’re not alone in your views on adjunct status and other matters! Thanks for your excellent, thoughtful writing on important issues in higher education. 🙂

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