Vita: Michelle Kassorla

Michelle Kassorla, Ph.D. • 



May, 1995    Bowling Green State University    Bowling   Green, OH   

Doctor of Philosophy  American Ethnic Literatures/20 Century American  Literatures      Specialization in African American, Asian American, Jewish American, Native American Literatures and 20th Century Novel.

May 1989    Humboldt State University    Arcata, CA   

Master of Arts,   English Literature.   I also studied toward a secondary emphasis in Teaching Writing.

May 1986    Bowling Green State University    Bowling   Green, OH   

Bachelor of Arts with Double Major in  English & Journalism




8/13-5/2014 Atlanta Metropolitan State College, Atlanta, GA

Asst. Professor of English taught composition and literature using Desire2Learn and other digital tools. Wrote a start-up grant for the National Endowment for the Humanities to support HBCU/PBI Commons using Commons in a Box. Assisted in establishment of Digital Media and Entertainment Management bachelorette degree program. Served on the Distance Education Committee, established WIKI for SmartTeaching seminar, attended Project Kalidescope conference at Georgia Tech and established WIKI for PKAL group.

1/13-5/13 Clark Atlanta University  Atlanta, GA

Special Projects  Worked with Office of Instructional Technology and Communication (OITC), Computer Sciences, and Research and Sponsored Programs on Technology Related Projects at Clark Atlanta University.  Headed Task force to establish new Learning Management System, Attended National Science Foundation Data Management Implementation Workshop and wrote Data Management Plan for Clark Atlanta University, Wrote Grants, and provided consultancy services regarding classroom technology solutions.

8/09-1/13    Clark Atlanta University  Atlanta, GA

Lecturer, Writing for Improvement, Success, and Empowerment (WISE)  Teach four courses in cross-curricular (English/History) High Tech Writing using Second Life , Civilization IV, WebCT, Microsoft Live, WordPress blogging, dashboards, WIKIs, Diigo, InSite (Turnitin), Engrade, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Smart Board (Notebook), and Second Life in a computer-rich environment.  Emphasis was upon academic and business writing skills in order to provide students basis for future success in academic and corporate communication skills.  Provided consultant services to college regarding development of high-tech courses.  Coordinated and hosted THATCamp HBCU, June 2012




10/11- Present           To the Maximus Foundation, Chicago (Online)

Social Media Coordinator  Volunteer 10-20 hours per week for fledgling foundation that fights synthetic marijuana.  Established WordPress blog, managed Twitter and Facebook. Used Vertical Response to write newsletters, press releases, and pamphlets for outreach.  Made Board presentations, secured financing to revamp website. Migrated website and blog to hosted WordPress site for ease of update and better analytics.


8/08-5/09   Georgia Gwinnett College        Lawrenceville, GA

Instructor of English, Limited One-Year Contract    Taught full time, four sections of English Composition per semester, attended departmental meetings.  Used WebCT, Banner, and JOVO systems in high-tech classroom with smart board technology.


1/07 – 5/07    Emory University      Atlanta, GA  

Instructor of English, Part Time   Taught one section of English 101, “Personal Writing,” and one section of English 181, “Writing and Literature: Mexican American  Immigration and the Border” on the main campus.

8/04 – 12/04  Georgia Perimeter College        Dunwoody, GA 

Instructor of English, Part Time  Taught one section of English 1101, “Composition I,” at the Dunwoody campus of Georgia Perimeter College.


8/95 – 12/03     Western Nevada Community College      Minden, NV   Community College Professor of English/Developmental  English, Tenured   Responsible for teaching 15-17 semester units of   composition and literature courses. Fifty percent of   my assignment included teaching via interactive video to remote locations across 18,000 mile service area in rural Nevada. Awards include “an Outstanding   Professor” (1999-2000), “Teacher of the Year”   (1998-99), and “Finalist, Teacher of the Year”   (1997-98). Committee assignments included Faculty Senate Representative, Presidential Search Committee, Chair of Professional Standards, and Chair of the Status of Women Committee.

1/00 – 5/00      University of Nevada, Reno            Reno, NV  

Adjunct Professor.   Taught one course in Graduate/Upper Division Capstone English entitled “American Dream” focused on Ethnic American Literatures.

8/92 – 5/95     Bowling Green State University      Bowling Green, OH  

Graduate Fellow    Served in two capacities: Thesis and Dissertation Editor for the   Graduate College   Responsible for insuring all theses and dissertations met requirements for presentation and publication established by the BGSU Graduate College. Insured that all theses and dissertations were written to proper academic style, utilizing various style manuals toward this purpose (e.g. MLA, APA, CBES, AP, Chicago, etc.).   Teaching Fellow  I taught one upper-division literature course per year. These included African American   Literature, Literature of Romantic Love, and Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States.

1/92 – 5/92     Western Nevada Community College      Minden, NV  

Adjunct Instructor, English    Taught English and Developmental English at WNCC.

5/91 – 1/92     Boulder Daily Camera    Boulder, CO  

Layout Assistant  Responsible for advertising layout for a 40,000   circulation daily. Ran ads, proof and did lay-out for ads, completed pagination.

5/89 – 5/91   Redwoods United Projects With   Industry    Arcata, CA   Employment Specialist    Provided placement, workplace accommodations, and   networking assistance for disabled job seekers.


1/88 – 5/89     Humboldt State University    Arcata,   CA  

Teaching Assistant    Taught composition courses, attended classes in   teaching composition, and provided tutorial   assistance for students.


8/86 – 5/87     California State University, Fresno      Fresno, CA

Tutor    Tutored students in the academic skills center in   composition and literature.



Scholarly Activities

Professional Development

Grant Training Institute, Certificate of Completion, May 2013

Effective Online Education, MOOC, Georgia Tech, March 2013

Educational Technology, MOOC, Coursera, February 2013

Special Skills

Technology Specialist with understanding and experience with:

LMS Systems (Canvas, Moodle, Desire2Learn, etc.), WordPress, WIKIs, iPad, PC/Mac Platforms, Google Tools (drive, docs, mail, blogger, advanced search, Sketch Up, maps, Google Earth, etc.), Zotero bibliography systems, Camtasia, Explain Everything, Skype, Netvibes, Gamification, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Vine, etc.), Cloud Storage and Organization (Evernote, Dropbox, Copyit, SugarSync), etc.

Understanding and experience in 21st Century Technology & Teaching:

Flipped Classrooms, Online Teaching and Learning, Challenge Based/Problem Based Learning, Project Based Learning, Dashboard systems, in-class polling, etc.



Michelle Kassorla

 Written Publications

“A Primer for EdTech: Tools for K-12 and Higher Ed Teachers.” Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal of Learning, Teaching, and Technology. Nov. 26, 2013 – unique-entry-id-185

“How Shadowing my Second Grader Led to an Understanding of Technology in the Classroom.” Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal of Learning, Teaching, and Technology. Nov. 20, 2013 – unique-entry-id-183

Establishment of a Data Management Plan for Clark Atlanta University   Dr. Michelle Kassorla and Dr. Peter Molnar, Clark Atlanta University • National Science Foundation, Research Data Management Implementation Workshop, Washington, D.C. March 2013.

Co-Contributor, Chronicle of Higher Education • ProfHacker, “A Day of Rest” • Co-wrote article about taking the Sabbath off to balance tech work and personal life. July 24, 2012

Editor, Proceedings at THATCamp • June 2012-Present

“A Chair” (Essay) • Humanities Plain and Simple, November 2012


Interactive Syllabi/Lessons

Interactive Syllabus, Composition II

Interactive Syllabus, World Literature I

Flipped Lesson: The Slave Narrative  for Online World Literature II.

Flipped Lesson: What is a Pecha Kucha?

Video Presentations/Training

How to Use Zotero with Firefox 29.0.1 • June 1, 2014

How to Hack a Hotel Stay (When you are staying more than a week!) • May 26, 2014

How to Use Desire2Learn (AMSC) • December 29, 2013

Making an Annotated Bibliography with Zotero! • January 26, 2014

CAU LMS Presentation (MashUp) • July 2, 2013

Grant Writing

HBCU Commons • NEH HBCU Grant, Sloan Foundation, Mellon Foundation • June 2013

The Common Core Commons, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation • May 2013• Michelle Kassorla, PI/Dr. Peter Molnar, Director of Research.

 Stem Teacher Training Using NetLogo, Department of Education, May 2013 • Wrote with Peter Molnar for Education Department, Clark Atlanta University.


Blogs, Dashboards & Social Media

Owner, Dr. K’s Blog (143 Posts, 63 Pages) • Class Blog•  Wordpress, Established: August 2009

Owner, Dr. Kassorla’s Dashboard • Class Dashboard, Netvibes • Established: August 2011

Admin & Writing, To The Maximus blog (132 posts, 10 Pages) • Non-Profit Organization, Aurora, Il • Was Responsible for administration, layout, design, writing, graphics, posting• Established January 2012 (Stopped Administration January 2014).

Admin & Writing, To the Maximus Foundation Website (2 posts, 9 pages) • Non-Profit Organization, Aurora, Il • Responsible for administration, layout, design, writing, graphics, posting • Established January 2012 (Stopped Administration January 2014).

Owner, THATCamp HBCU (2 Posts, 15 Pages) • (un)Conference Site • Established January 2012 •

Owner, THATCamp HBCU Dashboard • (un)Conference Dashboard • Established January 2012 •



Conferences, Presentations, & Professional Editing

International Society of Technology in Education• 2014 Meeting: Connected Learning/Connected World • Atlanta, GA • Participant

Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) — Advancing what works in STEM education PKAL Atlanta Regional Network • PKAL Atlanta Regional Network, 2013 Fall Meeting • Tech in Teaching • October 14, 2013 • Georgia Institute of Technology • Participant

Research Data Management Implementation Workshop (RMDI) • National Science Foundation, Washington DC.• Contributor, Participant, March 2013

Coordinator, THATCamp HBCU • June 14-15 Atlanta University Center •

Editing, Recalling the Covenant • A Contemporary Commentary on the Five Books of the Torah by Rabbi Moshe Shamah • Summer, 2010

THATCamp SE • March 10-11, 2012 • Participant

THATCamp, LAC • June 4-5, 2011 • Participant

Member, Editorial Board, The International Sephardic Journal. New York, NY. 2004-2006.

Presenter, 2001 National MELUS (MultiEthic Literature of the United States) Conference   Presented: MELUS Women of Color Caucus: Teaching   Ethnic American Women’s Literature. Knoxville, TN

Keynote, Nevada Library Institute  “Ethnic American Literatures and the Diversity of   Libraries” Incline Village, NV July, 2000

2000 National MELUS Conference   Presented: “ACADEMIC AMBUSH!: Why It is Important to Teach Multiethnic Literature in the Core Curriculum.”   New Orleans, LA

1996 American Literature Association Conference   Presented: “Word-View: A Model for Ethnic American   Literatures.” San Diego, California

1994 National MELUS Conference Presented: “Hitting the Wall: A Critical   Model for Oral Based Literatures.” College Station, Texas.

1993 National MELUS Conference Presented: “The Affirmation of Asian American   Language in Literature by Asian Americans.”    Berkeley, California



Michelle Kassorla

(Pseudonym for Israel National News Column)


Israel Jewish News (1,900+ Posts)
 Political Commentary, Israel
 Blogspot Blog
 Established: July 2007 (currently on hold)
 Arutz Sheva (34 Columns)

When Aliyah Bullies Attack
They attacked me for having an opinion.
82 comments       7/1/2009
The Mitzvah of Military Service
Shall your brothers go to war while you stay here?
26 comments       6/8/2009
Justice, Justice You Will Pursue
The choice of the Israeli government.
10 comments       12/5/2008
A New Land-for-Peace Proposal
It is time to suggest a new way to do things.
37 comments       11/24/2008
Should I Pray Today?
I cannot stay silent when converts are under fire
35 comments       6/1/2008
My Obsession
I do it again and again, but I’m never satisfied.
33 comments       1/15/2008
Lost With a Map
A road to peace became a highway to Hell.
16 comments       11/29/2007
The War Has Already Been Won
We are not ready to boast… yet.
21 comments       9/3/2007
A New Definition of ‘Peace’
Frankly, I’m a bit tired of the word.
15 comments       7/18/2007
The Act of Winning
Justice system refuses to call the “victim” a fake
2 comments       6/6/2007
Competitive Spirit
Pesach cleaning as a sign of a dangerous drift.
10 comments       3/12/2007
Good Cop / Bad Cop
Weren’t the Fatah terrorists our enemies just a few months ago? What happened since then? Am I missing something?
15 comments       1/3/2007
There is a moment at the end of Shabbat every week when the last rays of the sun have died and the silence of darkness
0 comments       8/6/2006
Smoke and Mirrors
Who in their right mind would pay attention to the plight of Jewish settlers in small outposts when a young solder
0 comments       6/28/2006
Some Ideas for the Pro-Pullout Camp
I thought I could share some ideas with you about how to make this movement even more successful and exciting than
Nobody’s Fool
“A pacifist after the Holocaust is a fool.”
0 comments       9/13/2004
Destroying the Master’s Tools
“Why did you come here if you want to recreate what you left?” we ask them.
0 comments       1/8/2004
Loving the Other
I was more than noticeably angry at this point. Now, I was furious – and it was building. We went to two other
0 comments       8/1/2003
With a Prayer 
I have two small newsgroups with close friends, and I send out as much as I can about what is happening in Israel. 
0 comments       6/25/2003
Torah to Life, Life to Torah
Women are also required to write a Torah, but we do not write with a pen on parchment we write Torah in our children.
 0 comments       6/9/2003
Spies Like Us
Actually, Aqaba is the perfect thing. Aqaba is the reputed locale of two important incidents in Torah: the giving
0 comments       6/3/2003
I just finished reading the most gut-wrenching quote I have ever read, supposedly from the mouth of Sharon, in
0 comments       5/26/2003
Wolf and Crow
?Wolf and Crow are together for a reason. They hate each other,? he said, ?but they need each other to survive.
0 comments       5/20/2003
Harmony for No One
Have you ever been given a gift you didn?t want? You know, like concert tickets to a concert you don?t want to
0 comments       5/12/2003
My Arab Student
I wanted to make sure Hagar didn’t feel isolated in my class, and that she knew that I didn’t allow my political
0 comments       4/18/2003
Hilltop Stand
A hilltop is a dangerous place, an exposed place, a windy place, a rocky and almost inhabitable place. And we were
0 comments       4/8/2003
Begging for a Place to Be
It isn?t just Lapid, though. I think all of us feel this way at one time and another. At those times, we reach
0 comments       3/6/2003
Suddenly, as if there had been a prearranged moment of attack, the coyotes came from all directions into my yard.
1 comments       2/25/2003
Wandering in the Desert
Last week was very difficult for me. I thought maybe it was the fact that the space shuttle blew up and that whole 
0 comments       2/14/2003
Made More Precious by the Loss
Ilan. Ilan. Ilan,” I repeated the words softly. I didn?t know the man, but I felt like I did. I took his death
Bread for Thought
Just recently, my friend in Florida told me about a picnic for Sephardic Jews, but the picnic wasn?t kosher. I
0 comments       1/31/2003
Domestic Violence
I was in Israel this month, and there was one image that I cannot erase from my mind or forgive. It was not the
0 comments       1/15/2003
You First, France & Spain
I will buy myself a “Euskadi!” bumper sticker to place next to my existing sticker that reads: “Wherever I stand,
2 comments       12/9/2002
Tumbleweeds & Terrorists
Look, I don’t know what to do about terrorists called “Palestinian Militants” any more than a distant “expert”
0 comments       11/25/2002

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