I wanted to keep a copy of a Facebook event I created in honor of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.  I thought this would be interesting background for those who wanted to research it’s effect on regular people around the world.

Post where you were and what you were doing when 9/11 happened.  

Sunday, September 11 · 8:30am – 11:30am

Everywhere Please Share!

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For 9/11 say where you were, what you were doing, and tag who was with you at the time. Let’s read how this tragedy affected the whole world.
  • ‎”Put CNN on”, the voice said as soon as I had lifted the telephone.. “Richard, is that you”? “Yes Mum, switch on the television, I am on my cell phone in the car and I am hearing on the Radio that a plane has crashed into one of the Towers in New York, are you watching any reports on tv.”? Well, I watched in absolute shock the aeroplane slam into the first Tower… and I started to cry, sad tha…See More

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  • http://youtu.be/AW8puRqE4Sc


    A Tribute of slides and footage to the lives lost September 11 2001. Music: Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) by Alan Jackson. Sorry for the oc…

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  • I want to thank all my friends and new friends who took the time to share where they were on this group my friend Yael established. Be safe. 9/11/2001 was a day when Arab terrorists attacked the USA. Never forget THAT fact. Remember who your enemy was / is.

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  • I was at home with Andrea, Nathan and Derek getting ready for work when the planes hit. Nobody knew what was going on and everyone was just trying to make sense of it all. I was at work when the buildings came down. What a sad day in so so many ways.

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  • I was at work, at the First Union Financial Center, in Miami Florida. I worked on the 50th Floor of that building. We watched on the television in the conference room until we shut the office as the building was designated a prime target. I remember thinking we were going to be at war for a long time to come as a result. It’s now been ten long years of war, and there is still no end in sight.

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  • I was at work at a small marketing agency on Peachtree Street. One of my coworkers came running in to tell us that a plane “mistakenly” flew into one of the twin towers. I remember saying it wasn’t a mistake… and that there would be a second one. I don’t know why I thought that– it just made sense to me.

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  • Teaching – it was 1st day of Kindergarten and we were not allowed to put TVs or radios on. It was a very long day.

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      • Tracy Wilcox Yes it was for those of us whom could not have that outside communication!

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      • Yael Kassorla Wow.

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  • I was at work, entering some contribution data. I was startled when a co-worker stepped out of her office after a call from her daughter, telling her about the first plane hitting the WTC.

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  • I was in Ioannina Greece, just coming out the mayor’s office. When I entered my hotel, the second plane was hitting the World Trade Center.

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      • Marcia Ikonomopoulos So far away from home and family, I was surrounded by love in Greece. I expected it from friends but the love of strangers was so emotional. The shopkeeper in Plaka who embraced me and cried when she heard I was from New York. The taxi driver in Salonika who refused my tip and kept repeating “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” I will never forget.

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  • I was ending my school day in France and my mum explained me what happened. She thougth it was the beginning of the 3rd World War. I was shocked by the videos and pictures. I played the American anthem on the piano for weeks. It was my way, as a young girl far away in France, to share the sadness and the compassion for the American people.

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  • Watching morning TV with Seth, getting ready to put him on the school bus.

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      • Yael Kassorla Yes, I put my kids on the bus that day too, and I went to teach classes. In the middle of my second class, I heard the screaming and crying coming from the student lounge as the towers came down. My chair came into my room and said, “Classes are dismissed, go home and hug your children.”

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  • I was on the treadmill at the McBurney Y, which was then on W23rd Street, between 7th and 8th Ave. This was a basic gym, no TV’s, no amenities beyond the machines, which were not so hot. An elderly blind man everyone called The Judge came in and announced that a plane crashed into one of the towers. I ran for half an hour, half my normal time because I felt very uneasy though I heard nothing more….See More

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  • I was getting in my car with my then almost 3 year old son heading to work out at the YMCA. We drove there and I called several people on the way to see if they knew, my cousin and my husband were 2 I remember calling. I don’t think either of them had heard. I remember my cousin cut on her tv. I went on to the gym but didn’t work out, just sat there and watched it on tv. I didn’t stay long, went home with my son. Think my husband came home early too.

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  • I was getting ready for a morning college class and came out of my room to see my room mates looking on in horror! the train ride was sureal and not one person talked the whole time!

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  • I was walking home from work in Jerusalem when I got a call from a friend in Belgium who told me to turn on my tv. As a native New Yorker I was aghast and still am..

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  • was having “direct tv” installed that morning. the guy got it going just after the first plane hit. colleen, myself, and the tv guy just sat and stared with shock on our faces! never once thought i’d see a “pearl harbor” in my lifetime. god have mercy on us all!!

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      • Yael Kassorla I immediately thought of it as our “Pearl Harbor” too. I didn’t live through Pearl Harbor, but I still cried at the memorial in Hawaii when I visited as a teen. Moments can touch you, long after the moment has passed.

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      • John Colestock i guess the difference from pearl to the towers is we all, the world, could see the massive destuction that was being done, as it was happening.

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      • Tracy Wilcox Good point Uncle John Colestock

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  • I was home in Paris, 3 in the afternoon, editing video footage from our trip to Africa when my husband called me from Mexico City and said: “Open the TV, quick!” I saw the first tower smoking and wondered, “how will they fix that big a hole?” just as the second plane hit …and then whole world came tumbling down.

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  • As I watched the first tower disintegrate on a fuzzy television screen, I declared, “Terrorists!”

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      • Yael Kassorla You should work for the White House. We need at least one person there who knows a terrorist when they see one!

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      • Shirley Levy ‎:)

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  • Amazing how one shared historical moment, even ten years later, unites friends and strangers. I am so fascinated reading this page.

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      • Dina Horwedel Yes, a lesson in that, I guess. But still, such a sad and scary time. We learn from it, we grow, but we never really stop feeling sad.

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      • Yael Kassorla Absolutely true. I remember when they first allowed airplanes back in the sky after 9/11. I was terrified and I felt so vulnerable. That feeling of vulnerability never left me.

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  • I was sitting at my desk in Ms.Walcott’s 8th grade english class. Had no idea what was going on, no one was aloud to leave the room for any reason. Didn’t find out exactly what had happened until I got home and my mom and dad were standing in the kitchen watching the tv. Still remember thinking why would anyone do such an aweful thing.

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  • I was at home, in Brooklyn NY, and my mom called me, telling me not to go to college, LIU, which is on DeKalb Ave, Q train stop. She told me some accident occurred. So I called the college telling them about it saying I won’t be coming in, at which point the receptionist had no clue of what I am talking about and disregarded me. I called my boyfriend (who is now my husband) and told him, and he sa…See More

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  • Work. And when the TV said plane #4 crashed in Pittsburgh I ran to the window and everything was normal. Apparently they were too stressed to check geography.

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      • Yael Kassorla No, they say Ne-Vahhhh-da. It’s Ne-Vaa-da. (the middle syllable should be like the “a” in “cat.”

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      • Sam Chodosh Can I just call it Native American disputed territory? Well, one of them. I guess there are 50. 48 at least.

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  • I was walking from my car to where I work a little before 10 AM. My co-worker came running out hysterical and asked me if I saw the news. I had no idea what she was talking about but she explained it to me. We turned on the TV in the office about 2 minutes before the 2nd tower got hit by the plane. I will never be able to get that horrifying vision and sick feeling out of my mind.

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  • I was sitting at the counter in my home nad eating breakfast with my husband. I looked up and saw a plane crash into a buliding and said to my hisband a plane just crashed into on eo f the tower building. I said I believe it is a terriost attacked, because of the way it flew into the buliding. I saaid that was no accident. He looked and said oh no your crazy. At that moment the second plane hit the other bulliding and then he said I believe you are right. Isabelle Maslia

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  • We were north of Somerset KY. Budd needed to get a part from another gunsmith. We got lost and Budd went in a Post Office for directions. He came out as white as a sheet and told me what happened. It was hours before we got to a TV. We were also concerned about a friend flying home from Israel that day. She was detoured to Canada. El Al took very good care of her. She was put up in a Jewish community there until they could come home.

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  • Teaching…….when we were placed on lock down…..I really did not have any info as the the severity of what was going on until one of my students parents showed up…the immagrated fromthe Ukraine…I will never forget the dads scared face as he wispered to me to make sure my daughters were safe inside……then seeing once the students were dismissed….what I was hearing on my car radiio just couldnt be real…finally getting thru to hubby and he said”Just get the girls and get home please”….The sound of quiet…..no airplanes it the sky. How I think about 9/11 every three months when I fly with my now 10 yr old the National Institute of Health….

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  • I and my wife were on holiday in south-west USA and we were on car tour. That day we slept in Oakhurst, CA (we had just left our friend Yael Kassorlaon Lake Tahoe!). We waked up about at 7 am (10 in NY) and I turned on the TV. Immediately i told my wife (she was having a shower) “One of the twin tower is on fire!”. Only after a few seconds i realized I couldn’t see the other tower. Watching TV and listening the newsreaders (we are Ialians and cannot easily understand fast spoken english) we understood what was going on.
    We were on car tour, our flight back to Italy was two weeks later, so the next part of the tour wasn’t very troubled … but it was no longer the same as the first part!

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      • Aldo Ivaldi We wondered too. But we had a fixed date ticket and, by the time we had to fly, … flights were back to “normality”.
        I remember the flight to USA was full, the flight back to Europe half empty.Anyway we had both the phone number of L.A. Italian consulate and air company’s US office.

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      • Yael Kassorla I still worried about my friends!

        September 7 at 2:27am · Like
  • I was in Israel standing in my seminary dorm room, overlooking the hot September view of Jerusalem. It was already late afternoon and many girls had gone shopping to get last-minute school supplies. Suddenly my roomate burst in and said the Twin Towers had gone down. It was as if she had said, “The Titanic just sank”. It was impossible to believe that the madness everyone thought only existed in the Middle East had crossed overseas and struck American soil. Now the Israelis were asking us, “Are your families all right back in America?”

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      • Yael Kassorla There is a bond between victims. We must always stand together.

        September 6 at 9:55am · Like
      • Esther Rosenfeld Let me add that I also distinctly remember going on a tiyul trip and riding the bus out of Jersualem. There was a huge billboard sign that said in English, “America, Israel stands with you”. And the O of the workd “YOU” was a wreath of flowers. I wish I had a photo to show every citizen of this country what it means to have a friend in another country.

        September 6 at 11:47am · Like
      • Yael Kassorla Amen

        September 7 at 2:27am · Like
  • Parents soon arrived in droves to get their children, some with tear-stained faces not knowing where their husbands were. Some with stories that they had slept late and not gotten to work on time. My own children were in school and were bussed home early. It was so eerie to have a perfect, cloudless day and no planes in the sky or people in the parks or street. The next day, the JCC was open for “business as usual” as we would not be frightened into closing. Of course, from that day on, security here as everywhere would be heightened.

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      • Yael Kassorla It was the day our innocence was murdered.

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  • I was at work as a nursery school teacher at the JCC in Plainview. It was a beautiful fall morning, our class was outside in the playground, and we (myself and 2 assistant teachers) couldn’t understand why no other class was outside enjoying a perfect morning. Then one of the secretaries ran outside yelling at us to get in immediately!!! No reason, just get inside. Once inside the door, we were told that 2 planes had just flown into and taken down the World Trade Center towers. Unbelievable!!!!

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      • Yael Kassorla OMGDNESS. I remember the palpable fear of airplanes in the sky long afterward–and in Nevada!

        September 6 at 9:56am · Like ·
  • I have lived in Israel now for over 26 years. I worked but I was home sick on 11 Sept. 2001. I was standing in the checkout line of a small market in the Mahane Yehuda shuk around 4 pm Jerusalem time, when the clerk asked me if I have any relatives in NYC… I said: No, why? He said that the World Trade Center and Pentagon were under attack and that planes hit them…. I didn’t believe him and told him so… but I had this sick feeling of foreboding inside of me. I raced home (well, as fast as I could race, dragging loads of groceries with me), and even before unloading everything, turned on the TV…… and saw that the clerk was telling the truth…

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  • Walking into work and seeing everyone watching TV, I couldn’t believe what they told me, OHHHH this is the picture I saw on the way home over the bridge until the collapse and then the smoke like this for days and days of emergency response looking for survivors. I also met people who ran down the steps 40, 50 or more flights. cleanup for over more than the next year.

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  • I was in Venice with a friend when the planes hit. We saw the footage on a tv in a restaurant but couldn’t understand what was going on as our Italian wasn’t that good. People told us that world war 3 had broken out and it wasn’t until we managed to call our parents back home when we found out what was going on. Flying through Europe wasn’t fun after that and we were so relieved to make it home.

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      • Sallie Landry I was listening on the car radio – on the way to my Dad’s.

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  • At home getting ready for work. I never turned the TV on before I headed to work but that morning I did. It was between the 1st & 2nd plane hitting when they still were debating if it was a terrorist attack. Rosh Hashanah forcing me to take a break from all the constant news about it really drove home to me how important shabbat and the holidays are for the Jewish spirit and ones mental health.

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  • i was in class when i this event was taking place in the 8th grade doing silly games

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      • Yael Kassorla I’m so glad my kids were with me at the time. It was such a scary day.

        September 6 at 1:06am · Like
      • Lynda Metayer VERY! but at least i was in a safe place during time. 🙂

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  • I was walking into the Pentagon. I took a shortcut because I was late for a meeting. It was a bad decision.

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      • Bob Schneider That is a two way street, Yael

        September 6 at 12:55am · Unlike ·  1 person
      • Yael Kassorla I’m honored. Really. Thank you, Bob.

        September 6 at 12:55am · Like
  • I was on the way to make a home visit, while riding the Q. I overheard people talking about some sort of explosion in the city, but no one was sure of details. Upon reach Dekalb Ave, we were told to exit the subway, as it was not going to cross over the bridge. When I emerged onto the street, I could see various pieces of papers flying about, smoke every where, and brewing panic. People were tryin…See More

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      • Yael Kassorla Of course we are! We are YOUR friends!! 🙂

        September 6 at 12:20am · Like
      • Yael Kassorla I really am going to sleep now.

        September 6 at 12:20am · Like
  • I was calling my wife on the phone, in Brazil (as we lived there), and watching CNN news as I used to do every morning, when the first airplane hit the WTC. I, then was commenting that fact to my wife when the second one hit the building.

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  • I was sleeping until Yael Kassorla, who was three hours behind me but already up, called. I thought it was just a small accident and turned around and went back to sleep — she called again when the second plane hit and that time, I understood better. I went to kickboxing and really beat the heck out of bags, but Wednesday (the next day) I spent most of the day in fetal position, remembering all t…See More

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      • Debbie Israel It seems as though just about everyone (but me) was glued to the TV that day. I was too overwhelmed with sorrow and sadness and the news only made that worse.

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  • I was standing in my kitchen in Minden Nevada when I heard the Morning Edition host mention that a “small private plane has hit the World Trade Center tower.” I told my kids to turn the TV to CNN, and we watched as the second plane hit. My oldest said, “What does this mean?” I answered, “We are at war. I don’t know with whom, but we are at war.”

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      • Debbie Israel Was this before you called me?

        September 6 at 2:19am · Like
      • Yael Kassorla Yes. I think the next thing I did was call you.

        September 6 at 5:43am · Like ·
  • I was in my office at BGSU when my research assistant, Carolyn, came in. “The secretaries in the office are watching TV. Some planes has hit the World Trade Center.” I remember just staring at her.My son-in-law worked at a building very nearby. As it happened, he and my daughter actually watched the collapse of the second building from the New Jersey side of the river.

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  • I was asleep in Orlando, woke to mom calling crying, Internet was not working, overloaded. Got an email from close friend in Jerusalem saying Arabs were dancing in the street.

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